David Bleiman, SE

Dave is CEO and president of R+C. He inspires solutions-driven and creative approaches to our projects, keeping delivery top of mind. Dave’s approach to his work is informed by his university studies—from engineering to art, the variety of projects he has worked on, and by his innate drive to provide ideal solutions for his clients.

While working on projects, Dave is fueled by the creativity of the design teams he works with and by new project challenges. “All that you have to do is open yourself up to that opportunity, then challenges become opportunities and difficult situations become interesting problems.” His work emphasizes design for building resiliency to protect end users and their efforts, which may include creating future solutions to climate change or development of the next life-changing technology.

 “I design places that are about the future, that are making the world a better place: hospitals, academic buildings, research facilities, theaters. What more could you ask for in your work than to do good?”