Our Firm

About Us

Rutherford + Chekene is a 60-person structural and geotechnical engineering practice. Since our founding in 1960, our commitment to research and development has kept us at the forefront of our field and has established us as a recognized industry leader. This expertise, coupled with our holistic and collaborative approach, brings value to each of our projects and supports our clients. We develop creative, integrative solutions that address each unique project challenge.

Our Value

  • Unique solutions for unique projects
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Continuous hands-on involvement by senior staff
  • Wealth of in-house experts
  • Deep bench of qualified staff
  • Longstanding partnerships with owners, agencies, and industry peers

Our Approach

Stepping into Our Clients’ Shoes. We believe that unique projects deserve unique and thoughtful solutions. We are a listening partner to our clients and to our design team peers. Our project solutions are based on tried-and-true methods, extensive industry research, and experience. By taking time to step back and view project challenges from our clients’ perspectives, we identify the root of the problem at hand and deliver value where it matters most.

More Heads are Better Than One. Through experience, we have found that the best project outcomes result from collaboration, trust, and effective communication within the design team. We strive to promote a collegial atmosphere within our office and on the job. We have experience working in Big Rooms and delivering projects through a variety of collaborative methods including Integrated Project Delivery, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, and Construction Management-At-Risk.

Designing for Our Planet. We are constantly exploring new ways to economically design more resilient buildings and to deliver buildings with a smaller carbon footprint. Our approach to sustainability goes beyond simply using recycled materials or low VOC product specification. We utilize techniques like advanced analysis which can allow for the use of less material, defining a structural layout that facilitates future renovation, and designing to minimize the need for finished materials, and we employ 21st century materials like CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) to design buildings that will last.

Taking the Long View. We believe our relationships with our clients and industry partners transcend any one project. We strive to deliver lasting value and foster a spirit of trust and collaboration that builds over time. We are inspired by the creativity of our project partners and look at each project holistically—from an owner-user-team perspective rather than just as a discipline—to create buildings that serve to users for years to come.

Thinking Across Disciplines. As a multidisciplinary firm, our projects benefit from the mixing of ideas and fresh perspective that come from diverse expertise. Our structural, geotechnical, and building systems engineering teams often work together on projects requiring a highly interactive approach and they each bring this multidisciplinary mindset to all their projects.