Kaiser Permanente | Medical Office and Ambulatory Care
Vacaville, CA
Photos: Rien Van Rijthoven

Structural Engineering

607,000 sf

Key Info
Energy efficient lighting, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems

The new medical office complex in Vacaville was built in two phases. Phase 1 consists of a 210,000 sf, three-story steel moment frame medical office building, a 100,000 sf, one-story two-way steel moment frame ancillary services building, and an 80,000 sf, one-story steel braced frame central utility plant. Both the central utility plant and the ancillary services building were designed with OSHPD overview. 

The new 217,000 sf medical office building and ambulatory surgery center makes up Phase 2 and houses offices for up to 60 specialty physicians for disciplines including head and neck surgery, nephrology, cardiology, oncology and urology. The site includes parking for up to 2,300 vehicles with spaces for charging electric cars. The building incorporates energy efficient lighting, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. The building is the first Kaiser facility to offer medical oncology services to the Vacaville area.

Rutherford + Chekene provided structural engineering services for both project phases.