Kaiser Permanente | Medical Center
Redwood City, CA
Photos: R+C, HOK (rendering)

Structural Engineering

270,000 sf

LEED Silver (target)

Key Info
OSHPD phased plan review

The Redwood City Medical Center is an eight-story, 270,000 sf facility that includes departments for emergency care, interventional radiology, neurosurgery, and MRI and CT scanning. The project was submitted to OSHPD using the Phased Plan Review process to allow an earlier construction start and to reduce overall review time. The building structure was modeled in 3-D using Building Information Modeling to facilitate coordination and clash detection between design disciplines. The building is a steel frame structure with buckling-restrained braced frames in order to meet Immediate Occupancy performance standards. Rutherford + Chekene provided structural engineering services.