Monterey Bay Aquarium Bechtel Family Center for Ocean Education and Leadership
Monterey, CA
Photos: R+C

Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

25,000 sf

LEED Gold (target)

ENR California's Best Projects 2019 

Key Info
Classrooms, offices, meeting and event spaces, and a rooftop garden

The new Bechtel Family Center expands the Monterey Bay Aquarium's educational programs and offerings with an emphasis on school-age populations and the adults who influence them. R+C provided a condition assessment for a later demolished building on site, programming, and structural and geotechnical engineering for the new 25,000 sf replacement building. The new building is located at a site two blocks from the aquarium and will include STEM classrooms and learning labs with live animal displays, offices, meeting and multi-use spaces, and a rooftop garden. The project is targeting LEED Gold.